Petr Cech milik Arsenal


Petr Cech milik Arsenal

Arsenal telah melengkapkan pembelian penjaga gol baru nya Petr Cech dari Chelsea dengan yuran perpindahan sebanyak £10 juta.

Cech telah menandatangani kontrak selama empat tahun dengan gaji berjumlah £100,000 seminggu dan bakal menjadi benteng kekebalan Arsenal bagi musim 2015/16.

Arsenal have confirmed the signing of Petr Cech from Premier League rivals Chelsea

Cech has penned a four-year deal with ArsenalThe Gunners veteran keeper poses with a Arsenal customised football

Peminat setia Chelsea telah pun melontarkan pelbagai kata-kata nista terhadap Cech dengan melabelkannya pembelot dan juga lidah bercabang kerana berpindah ke musuh tradisi mereka.

Walaubagaimanapun, Cech tetap tenang dan mengatakan dia perlu bermain. Cech juga telah menulis surat kepada peminat Chelsea.

The Czech keeper could make his debut against his former club in the Community ShieldI thought this would never happen but it is time for me to say goodbye to Chelsea Football Club. The club I have lived every single minute for since joining in July 2004, the club in which I thought I'd hang my gloves and boots one day and finish my career. But life doesn't always turn out the way you think it will.
Since 2004 it has been an incredible journey with so many highs and not many lows. We have managed to win every single English trophy as well as the Europa League and the biggest of all - Champions League.

Looking back at all the achievements, including our first ever league double in 2010, back to back titles in 2005 and 2006, and multiple EPL and FA cup wins, I couldn't be more proud!! As a team we made history together!!
Last summer, things changed and I understood I was no longer the 1st choice keeper but I felt it was not the right time for me to go.
During the season it became clear that my situation would not improve and as I know I am not at the stage of my career where I want to be on the bench, I made my decision to move on and look for new challenges.
The limited playing time gave me the chance to refresh and rest mentally as well as make me realise just how much I enjoy playing football at the highest level, because I missed it badly and every game day I was not involved.

I have the same commitment to football, the same motivation, and the same hunger for success as I had at the beginning of my career, and I love the challenges brought by the top quality players you face while playing the Premier League - simply the best and the most challenging league in the world.
That's why I spoke to Mr Abramovich about me staying in the Premier League and I'd like to thank him from the bottom of my heart for his support in this matter. It means so much to me because without him Chelsea Football Club would not be where it is now. He deserves huge credit for what he has done for the club and for all of us.
I would like to personally thank everybody involved with Chelsea Football Club for their support - all the players, staff, managers and all the coaching staff I have had the pleasure of working with over the years. Without them it would have been impossible for us to have achieved such success.
But most important of all - a huge thank you goes to all the Chelsea fans. I did everything for you and you gave me your love back. I'll never forget it. It will stay with me forever.

We will meet again but this time I will be in the other goal - I hope you will remember our history and understand it is time for me to begin a new adventure.
I wish everybody at Chelsea Football Club all the best for the new season and for the future. Thank you for an incredible 11 years.

p/s: kemungkinan besar Arsenal bakal di geruni musim baru ni.....

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