3 atlet Sukan Sea 2015 kantoi doping..


Haih... Tak dan apa-apa lagi dah kantoi doping. apa nak jadi la dengan atlet Malaysia nie. Tapi aku rasakan, mesti kes ada wife VVIP tertentu yang bagi ubat nie... Rasanya la kan... hahahaha..

Baca kat bawah nie..
Three national athletes that were set to head off for the Singapore SEA Games could potentially face exclusion if their doping test turns out to be positive.
The Malaysian Youth and Sports ministry ordered a doping test on all SEA Games athletes to ensure zero usage of banned substances, and while most of them have been cleared with negative results, three unnamed athletes are still being monitored closely.
Chief of the Anti Doping Agency of Malaysia (ADAMAS), Nishel Kumar claims that the results for the three athlete’s doping test will be revealed within the next few days as the urine sample has been sent to a laboratory in India.
“For now, 90 percent of the athletes are confirmed negative in the doping tests. But three athletes are currently being monitored until the results are revealed,” said Nishel as quoted from Harian Metro. 
“The motive of the doping test is not to find faults in athletes but it is inclined to protect the athletes so they would not take forbidden substances in the future.”
“For example, Asian Games wushu athlete, Tai Cheau Xuen took the substance not because she wanted to cheat and improve her performance but it was because the said forbidden substance contained slimming medicines or supplements like traditional herbs. These are the ones that ADAMAS would like to help so that the incident would not repeat itself,” he added.
Last year, as many as 15 doping cases were discovered and 13 of them were handled by ADAMAS whereas the other two concerned Cheau Xuen and Lee Chong Wei.

Hahahhaha.... Yes. Majulah sukan untuk negara yer...

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